steer shoulder mount info

Submitted by geoff hall on 3/20/02. ( )

I am seeking advice on what appropriate form to use for a steer that I intend to mount here in Australia. The animal is a short horn cross. The eye to nose is 12 inches and the neck circumfrence is 33. I was contemplating using a Banteng Form, which is a wild cow from Asia. A scrub bull form sold here in Australia is to short in the ey-nose and about 10 inches to thick in the neck. This is my first steer mount and any advice wold be greatly appreciated.


Geoff HALL

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scrub bull

This response submitted by Craig on 3/20/02. ( )

Mate get on to David Luxford he has a new good scrub bull which is typical of the short horn cross.also they are all different pending on breeds so you may have to alter the form any way.if you have any problems give me a email.Craig

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