Need help mounting Buffalo Head

Submitted by Gower on 4/2/02. ( )

I need help with Sculpturing on the mannikin with clay - Can I do the eyes like a whitetail? Any where else need clay? How am I going to get all the tangles out of the hair? Any tricks on preserving & mounting the horns. I've got it skinned & ready to tan & after this one I'll never do another! Makes a deer seem real easy.

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This response submitted by cur on 4/2/02. ( )

A head's a head. Like that thick skin on the forehead, do ya? First of all, you gave us no clue about which form you selected. Secondly, the amount and placement of clay is dependent on attitude, expression and style of mount desired. Those are pretty personal choices. Eyes are eyes. The character and morphology of eye structure differs from species to species. You will need good reference to follow in the reconstruction. Some of today's forms pretty much take the guesswork out of the equation (sometimes sadly). Currier comb and patience.....The cleaner you get it, the easier it will be to groom. Some tangles should stay, else your bison will resemble a Michael Jackson makeover. Horn procedure is not a trick. You need to remove the horns by soaking in water until they pop loose from the core. The core and cap and horns should be cleaned and the horns refitted with bondo used to replace any connective tissue lost to preparation. Just mix some bondo, put an egg sized gob into each horn and shove onto the cleaned, prepped and degreased core. Trim excess with a knife when it reaches the "rubber" stage. I have at least two good photos of bison eye details on hand if you would care to have them for reference.

One last piece of advice:

"Bison Mount"
by CUR

Bison hide is mighty tuff
You scrape and scrape
And still have stuff!
You now know why
the Bison's tough!

Thin the lips,th'eye, the nose,
Shave until it's thin as hose
You'll be tired afore yer done...
And think before another one...

When the owner, Tom, Bob or Phil,
Loves the work and pays th' bill:
You'll think..."another?..

Poem courtesy of CUR's "Skunk Works!".......LOL....good luck

Thanks !

This response submitted by Gower on 4/2/02. ( )

Glad to know I'm not the only one that was been though this battle. Now I have renewed hope that I can beat this beast. Thanks alot for your help!

send to tannery

This response submitted by dwl on 4/3/02. ( )

why not send cape to tannery save a lot of work and hassle or by the time you get it shaved down thin enough you wished you would of just a suggestion, like you said a heck of a lot harder than a deer hope this might help been there and it is no fun don't know what you got yourself in untill your in it.

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