Clean over spay off eyes

Submitted by D man on 4/5/02. ( )

What is the best way to clean overspray or prevent paint sicking to glass eyes? Some tips please.

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Eye protector

This response submitted by Leah on 4/5/02. ( )

You can use liquid eye protector, just paint it on with a little brush, let it dry and it pulls off in a single piece. Be careful not to touch the apoxie work or you won't have paint there when you're finished. I know it's a common sense thing, but you'd be surprised. You can also use mod podge or even elmer's glue will pull off easily. Then you can just polish the eyes up with a little glass cleaner on a paper towel, use your finger tip or an eye tool,works great.

masking tape

This response submitted by doug on 4/5/02. ( )

i use 1" masking tape. cover eye with tape, work it right up to edge of eyelid, then take a scalpe and trim off excess take. 30 seconds per eye or so then go ahead and start painting.

Elmers Glue

This response submitted by Chad on 4/5/02. ( )

I use elmers white school glue paint the eyes with a good heavy coat. When your done painting simple pull is off.

Bravo Mod Podge

This response submitted by J.P. on 4/5/02. ( )

Mod Podge is as cheap as any thing else on your bench and is also useful for constructing nose nodules. That's what I use.


This response submitted by cur on 4/6/02. ( )

Rubber cement is probably the cheapest frisket material available. There are dozens of maskoid and frisket materials on the market place. I do not use them. Glass eyes are easy to clean. I use a small wad of plastic clay like Permaplast to cover the eye. The Permaplast is cheap, neutral and not affected by lacquer or acrylic WB paints. To remove, hold an ice cube on the pad of clay for a few seconds to harden it and pop it off. Finish clean up with a dry cotton swab and then use round toothpicks with a small piece of cotton on the end. dip the cotton tipped toothpicks into solvent and wipe off any details. A thin liner brush dipped in lacquer thinner will help smooth the transitions if there are any. Buff off with clean Cotton swabs dipped in windex or other glass cleaner.

clean em

This response submitted by larry on 4/20/02. ( )

just clean the eye off with glass cleaner and a paint brush, cut very low ,so it is stiff...then clean with floor an excellent finish

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