value of elk antkers?

Submitted by Jim Chuk on 4/9/02. ( )

I have a couple of sets of elk antlers and I was wondering what they might be worth. The one is a 5x5 and the other is a large 6x6. The 5X5 has been varnished and kept inside and the 6X6 has been out in the weather for years (shame) Both have been cut off the skull and are still connected togeather. I know this isn't enough info for an accurate estimate on the price but I would apreciate any info offered. Thanks, Jim

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check out e-bay

This response submitted by Eric on 4/17/02. ( )

Watch e-bay for several weeks and see how much the elk antlers are selling for. It will give you a ball park for what he worth of your antlers are. Type in "taxidermy elk antlers" for your search.

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