competition nose final coat?

Submitted by Brad on 4/12/02. ( )

Any suggestions on the best final coat on a competition deer nose? I use laquor paints. Anyone ever try a coat of mod podge? I just wonder if that would undermine the detail and bumps?

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modge podge works well

This response submitted by Evelyn on 4/12/02. ( )

I use modge podge on all my competition mounts. It works great. Make sure it is fresh modge podge. Old modge podge tends not to dry clear. You will have to rebuild the nosebumps with the modge podge also. You can't just paint a coat over the nose and that's it. I usually apply a thin coat of modge podge after I have painted the nose. After that coat has dried I start to rebuild the nosebumps. On competition mounts this is a very tidious process. It may require more than one application too. But the end result is a really nice looking nose that looks very natural. After that I found that spraying it lightly with fish finishing gloss (wet gloss)after everything has dried has a nice effect as well. Give it a shot.

Dont over do the bumps!

This response submitted by John C on 4/12/02. ( )

Deer noses are not raspberry, dont get caught doing the old raspberry method.

replace the bumps

This response submitted by M on 4/12/02. ( )

modge podge works great, just use your reference to get it to look natural.

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