Axis Deer Wall Pedestal Form

Submitted by Tyler on 4/15/02. ( )

Does anyone know of a good Axis Deer Wall Pedestal form? I've looked through most of the available catalogs without any luck.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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None on the market

This response submitted by Evelyn on 4/16/02. ( )

I don't believe there even is one on the market for axis deer. You would think as many axis deer that are being mounted, that the choice of forms would be greater, but unfortunately it is not. You could go ahead and buy one for a WT deer and put an axis exchange head on it. I had to do that with one of my axis deer before and it turned out great. Just sculpt back the transition from head to neck.

This is where

This response submitted by cur on 4/16/02. ( )

The men and boys separate. You can modify another cervid form with a little effort. You can buy a life-sized form and modifiy it for your purpose. The company that shall not be named has a half form that can be modified. My feelings are that a competent taxidermist should be able to alter any cervid form that approximates the measurements with out too much sweat. Them that can't are the stuffers and hide applicators and should amend their shop signs to indicate the level of service rendered.


This response submitted by Jerry S. on 4/17/02. ( )

Jet Smith, a taxidermist in Kerrville, has a line of axis deer wall pedestals that look pretty good. I'm not sure if he's marketing them yet but I have seen them. I'm not sure of his phone number but look up Jet's Taxidermy in Kerrville and information should be able to help. Good luck! Jerry S.


This response submitted by Jeff Z. on 4/17/02. ( )

McKenzie sells an axis wall ped. Its in the Precision catalog.


This response submitted by Tyler on 4/17/02. ( )

I found the form from McKenzie in the Precision catalog. Thanks to all for the response.

Jet Smith makes a great wall pedestal

This response submitted by Bob Wilkins on 4/19/02. ( )

Jet Smith has a great wall pedestal Axis. phone number is

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