Oryx Followup

Submitted by Jeff Z. on 4/17/02. ( jeffstax@rionet.cc )

I wanted to thank all of you who offered advice on the oryx. After speaking w/the ranch owner, he informed me that they had indeed rinsed out the body cavity & allowed the water to remain for several hours.

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Thank you, Jeff!

This response submitted by Glen Conley on 4/18/02. ( g.conley@verizon.net )

And every one else that contributed on this post. By the time it was done, that post was loaded with information!

Told ya!

This response submitted by cur on 4/20/02. ( wildart@prodigy.net )

I thought as much, but that shouldn't have negated the call to the source and the follow-up by Jeff. Whenever anything looks out of the ordinary or appears problematic, it is prudent to search the source and take all precaution to protect yourself and our wildlife resources. That fluid could have been caused by any number of reasons. The amount that was described and the method of draining seemed outside the norm for any necropsy in my experience. Never having necropsied a speciman infected with Anthrax, I have only read about the fluid mass. I frankly don't ever want to see it with my own eyes....LOL. I agree with Glen about the abundance of information the post accumulated, but again, I must caution others that the forum is a platform for discussion and not a Zoonology lab for discovery and diagnosis. Any thing out of the ordinary should be reported first to the originating club or individual and then to the Fish and Wildlife folks, and finally to the forum. Some of us may be scientists or full of practical knowledge, but wildlife disorders and abnomalies cannot be defined in the black and white text or by wild ass speculation.

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