Clear oil from cores

Submitted by Paul on 4/21/02. ( )

I boiled a few cores/scull plates from some rams i'm doing in sal soda for about an hour or so. About a week later a clear oily fluid is comming from two of the larger plates of the cut off ends of the cores.I also degreesed them for an hour. Is more boiling necessary, any help appre...Paul

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Don't boil

This response submitted by George on 4/21/02. ( )

And I KNOW, I used to swear by it but I WAS WRONG. Boiling is quite harmless if you keep the temps AT boiling and you MONITOR IT VERY CLOSELY. But with sal soda, and a hot phone call, you can easily ruin a set of horns. Bill Yox and Jim Marsico tried to tell me but I "knew" better. Then Joe Romero in Alaska showed me a set of world class Argali horns that the Russians had boiled for a "few hours" and they were ruined beyond repair. (How'd you like to break THAT news to your customer.) Sal soda will eventually begin to erode the bone structure if you're not especially careful. You don't need that kind of hurry if you're scheduling your work properly. Put them in a plastic bag for a few weeks and they pop off easily. Then fill the covers with DP and let the cores air dry. Dump the DP after a day or two, cut the cores off all except a couple inches to attach the covers, and you're done. No smell, no oil.

Horns are off

This response submitted by Paul on 4/21/02. ( )

The horns are rotted off,its the cores themselves. I boiled in sal soda to clean off the rotting meat and fat on the scull plate and cores. After a week of drying oil is comming from the ends of the cores were I cut to shorten them...Paul

Bore them out

This response submitted by cur on 4/21/02. ( )

Bore the centers out of the cores with a foredom bit. Pack with borax to absorb the leach and speed drying.......Change borax a couple of times if need be.

Thanks for the response

This response submitted by Paul on 4/21/02. ( )

Appreciate your help

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