First time mounting spring caribou

Submitted by Cyndi on 4/22/02. ( )

My concern is focused on the velvet antlers....preparation of them and long term preservation. Any help?

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Antlers in Velvet

This response submitted by Dave B. on 4/22/02. ( )

HEllo Cyndi,
Many folks will simply send them out to be freeze dried.This would be my first "personal" choice.Wash any blood off that may be on the velvet and freeze untill you can send them out.There are many reputable companies that off this service.Anthony Eddie,Hazel Creek and Noonkesters are just a few of them. If done properly,they should last the life of the mount.
You can also inject them with "Antler in velvet",a Knoblock product,or "Preserv-It", a Rittel product, making sure that ALL the blood has been drained.
I know of others in the field,some extremely well knowen Taxidermist, that simply hang the antlers upside down and poke holes at the tips of each tine and allow the blood and fluids to drain and let them dry naturally with great success.

Hope this will help you some.
Have a great day to all,

Dave's right

This response submitted by George on 4/22/02. ( )

If the tips are soft and pliable, the freeze dry method is the way to eliminate the possiblity of dry prunes look on your antler tips. If the cost is prohibitive, I have found another way that works, but it's still not the cure all of freeze dry. I have a sealed 35 gallon plastic drum in the corner of my shop that has75/25 mixture of water/formaldehyde. On large antlers or small caribou, I split the skullplates and submerge the antlers and seal them inside. I let them stand for 2 weeks before I remove them and hang them to dry. Ther result looks pretty good though there is some shrinkage. Nothing like the prune tips, but still, some shrinkage.

Thank you

This response submitted by Cyndi on 4/22/02. ( )

Thank you for your've been a great help.

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