Chalky, Sun Bleached Caribou Antlers - restorable?

Submitted by Dan on 4/22/02. ( )

A friend of mine gave me a set of smallish caribou antlers he was going to throw away and I was wondering if/how they can be restored. They are very weathered, chalky, and have very small cracks on the surface of the antlers. It looks like the antler material underneath the out most layer is in good shape. I'm guessing these antlers where sitting on porch somewhere for several years. I would like to restore them to an "original" look at least color wise even if the surface can't be restored. I have ZERO experience with anything like this so any suggestions would be great.
Thanks In Advance.

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wood stain

This response submitted by cb on 4/24/02. ( )


i have done multiple whitetail racks and sheds that are in similiar
shape to what your caribou rack sounds like. i would try wood stain
first, i may take a few tries to get the correct color. after the
wood stain is dry, i take fine sand paper to litely brush the tips
and a few of the spots that get rubbed often to give it a "polished
look" and to break the color like the caribou had just rubbed the
velvet off. caribou is different than whitetail, but it works great
on whitetail, every customer has been very impressed with the appearance.

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