wild boar mane

Submitted by skinner on 4/23/02. ( bmacontaxdrmy@kricket.net )

How is the best way to make the mane on a wild boar stand up?
I carded one and left it on for about three days and pulled it off to check it but it looked terrible. After combing and brushing for while it looked better, but bristles look like they want lay back down.


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boar mane

This response submitted by skinner on 4/23/02. ( skinner@srcaccess.net )

before you card the mane take some bank pins and insert them into the skin at a forward angle then into the form and then pull the pin forward this will get the folicels goining in the right direction it helps if the skin is thin an not tight as a drum. the more pins you use the better. This keeps the hairs from bending at the base which is what you did on the one you mentioned. A boar or nay other animal that makes there hair stand up is done by constricting the skin and the folicels stand up. I hope this helps I am not very good at explaining things P.S. nice sign in name


This response submitted by George on 4/23/02. ( georoof@aol.com )

The second skinner has the idea and I'm sure it works, but I never have a "walk away" boar mount. I don't pull the top skin tight and every day, twice a day, I back brush the mane until it dries like I want it. Like ducks, you have to keep up with them until they are dried DRY.

Try this....

This response submitted by Matt C on 4/24/02. ( mbchoate@twlakes.net )

I mount aroubd 300 boar a year and all of the one I take in that have long wooly hair I do this way....

1. Take some finely cut Excelsior and evenly place along back ridge about a inch thick

2. Dont pull skin tight when you staple it and brush hair from back to front daily 2-3 times/day until hair sets.

That works for me everytime.


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try this

This response submitted by tom on 4/30/02. ( )

try hanging the mount up side down until dry, let gravity do the work

try this

This response submitted by tom on 4/30/02. ( )

try hanging the mount up side down until dry, let gravity do the work

or this

This response submitted by scherz on 6/18/02. ( scherz@rtccom.net )

I believe this hint was in Rick Carter's video. Starting at the head, comb the hair folicles forward and pour hardwood sawdust between them and continue this process toward the back. The sawdust does two things. Supports the hairs to stand upright and helps in the drying process. I'm trying this for the first time on the boar I have presently in the shop and it should be dry by this weekend. After it's dried, you just vacuum the sawdust away.

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