setting boar jaw

Submitted by chris on 4/26/02. ( )

i recently mounted a boar using a Rinehart mannikin, but had some trouble setting the jaw. whats the trick, it says jaws snap into place but couldnt get it to do just that. it took me just as long to set the jaw as it did to mount it. what am i doing wrong? the boar at the end turned out real nice and the cutomer was very satisfied. any suggestions for me to speed up the process? what type of glue etc. should i use to set the jaw in place? thanks

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Get the Rick Carter Boar mannikin,jaw set

This response submitted by Todd B on 4/27/02. ( )

They are not much more price wise and the jaw set already fits the form. There is hardly any work at all. Just rough up the form and the top and bottom of the jawset and glue it in. It is that simple I have done 4 boar heads on them and they are a real timesaver. Just give WASCO a call 1-800-334-8012.

Todd b

Setting jaw set

This response submitted by Scherz on 4/30/02. ( )


I had the same problem. Since I bought the Rinehart "Mounting a Wild Boar" video, it said the Mohr jaw set would snap right in.So, I tried their mannikin on my next boar. As you indicated, it took some time to work the interior of the mouth to get the jaw set aligned. I guess I'll take Todd's advice on my next one in the freezer.


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