Blackbuck Horns

Submitted by Jim on 5/6/02. ( )

I just took in a Blackbuck from a Texas game ranch, can anyone tell me if I need to boil the horns off like you would a Pronghorn, for cleaning?


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Yes Sir !

This response submitted by Troy Goolsby on 5/7/02. ( )

You will need to remove the horns from the core for proper cleaning.
However you do that is up to you. A good rule that I use is if it has horns ( Not Antlers ) they are to be removed. Otherwise you will probably have a very smelly mount to give to your customer. You will also be giving ample opportunity for insect infestation.

Soak sthem

This response submitted by superpig on 5/7/02. ( )

in a tub of water. With the warm weather we are having they ought to slip in a week or two. Afterwards just peel of the flesh on the cores and rinse the horns in clean water and some lysol to remove the smell. Works great and I do all my horned game like that.

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