New Fur Dresser

Submitted by Jack Chronister on 5/8/02. ( )

If anyone is interested in trying a new fur dresser (tannery hair on) try Keystone Fur Dressing. The tans are looking great. We just started in April and local response has been great. We are looking forward to the spring bear hunts.

We have tanned a wildebeast for a customer and it was fantastic. we are pushing for a month turnaround and it seems to be reasonable so far.

For information e-mail us at and we will send you price lists. This is for taxidermists as we deal only with licensed taxidermists.

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You gotta try Keystone Fur Dressers!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 5/8/02. ( )

If you enjoy working with EZ-100 tanned skins and capes - you have to try Keystone Fur Dressing in Aspers, PA! This is a modern Tannery - using modern Fur Dressing methods - and they will work very hard to keep you as a pleased customer!

I can personally recommend them for all of your tanning! I recently spent 10 days working with them - and I was grateful for the opportunity to know these people personally! These are Taxidermy people who know what you want! Extremely nice people to know and work with!


This response submitted by jack chronister on 5/9/02. ( )

There is a correction to the last posting. The statement should read two month turnaround instead of a month. Sorry for that mistake.

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