Euro Mount

Submitted by SJ on 5/13/02. ( )

What's the best way to mount a Euro mount to a wood panel securely? Thanks.

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sheet rock screws

This response submitted by matt on 5/13/02. ( )

2 three inch sheet rock screws at the top part of the skull where the first vertibrae starts is a good solid place to screw into.just pre-drill and countersink the back of the panel and then pre-drill a small hole into the skull, this should work out pefect for you.

Archives has it

This response submitted by Elmer on 5/13/02. ( )

Run a toggle bolt through the panel and allow the butterfly to open inside the spinal cavity hole tighten down done deal.

Try This

This response submitted by Alan on 6/3/02. ( )

Fill the brain cavity with bondo and bondo in a small piece of plywood. Then sink screws from the back of the plack into the plywood. If you don't want a plaque, just put a hanger on the plywood. Works great.

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