Epo-Grip new hide paste?

Submitted by DS on 5/17/02. ( )

I've heard that Epo-Grip is coming out with a new H2O base hide paste.Does anyone know any info about it?

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This response submitted by Mark on 5/17/02. ( HeadsOrTailsTax@hotmail.com )

Steve from Newton Supply will be introducing it about mid June or around the IGT convention. If you would like to know how it works you can email George Roof or Bill Yox and ask.....they experimented with the new adhesive. Everything I've heard so far sounds good>


Yes it works well.

This response submitted by John C on 5/18/02. ( )

So far I have used it on commercial tanned hide, shop tanned and spray tanned. It works very well, has good holding power for properly thinned hides.

It gives your about three days of working time. Having grown to like the six hour time of the epoxy I still would use the epoxy.

It is not made for DP or borax! Look for its release soon.

Hide Paste

This response submitted by George on 5/18/02. ( georoof@aol.com )

I tend to be along the lines of John on this one as I just love the epoxy. If I can't get it as good as I'm capable in 6 hours, three days ain't gonna help. The hide paste John tried sounds as if it was the first generation of the testing. That paste absolutely would NOT work with DP and actually jellified. The second batch worked a little better and the third even better. The new NEW hide paste (a third generation) will work with anything. It has a "stickiness" that I've never seen in any waterbased paste (it's much like the epoxy). It also has a real bacteriacide in it that eliminates mold from growing and Bill tells me it even works well on ears (don't ever ask me about that since I swear by the epoxies there for all hides). From the test samples I'm using, this glue is going to be alone at the top. Steve has some more very exciting products he's planning on introducing before the summer is over. They too are phenomenal ideas that when I heard of them, I couldn't believe no one had ever marketed them before. But I'll just have to keep you in suspense on those items as I don't want to steal Steve's thunder. Just "TRUST ME" (LOL), adhesives will have changed this summer like no other time in our industry.

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