Open Mouth Elk/Jonas Forms

Submitted by Damon on 5/18/02. ( )

I'm mounting up a bugeling elk on a Jonas form tomorrow. These forms come with the upper mouth/nose piece seperate. I've already installed the upper and lower jawsets in their proper places, so they'll be solid by tomorrow.
My question is,those of you who have used these forms before, do you attach the nose/upper mouth piece before or after slipping the cape on the form? I plan on epoxying it on first, but didn't know if it may be easier for some reason to slip the cape on first, get it set, and then install the piece. Any recommendations?
Thank you.

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This response submitted by jim marsico on 5/19/02. ( )

put the form parts together first

and for realism check out the Papilla

This response submitted by K on 5/20/02. ( skinme )

that Research Mannequins markets for open mouth elk, easy to use and is wonderfully real like.Page 33. Item #T-473...$11.00

Thanks guys!

This response submitted by Damon on 5/20/02. ( )

I did epoxie the piece in place first, as I had planned, just wondered if there was anyone who did it otherwise, and why. As for the papilla, I left most of it on the cape, so I was also able to epoxie paste the real stuff in place. Thanks for the responses!

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