Salt "sweat" on finished mount

Submitted by Damon on 5/21/02. ( )

The other day while carrying an elk cape from one part of my shop to another to mount it, part of the cape slid out of my arms and dragged ground for a few feet. Unfortunately, it was the mane, and it dragged through my hastily swept up (into a pile) salt. I brushed off the salt prior to mounting, but today noticed the finished mount is "sweating" salt from the brush-through incident.
Short of taking the mount outside and spraying with a hose, any suggestions on how to remove the salt(besides being a better housekeeper--I learned my lesson on that!)?
Thanks for any advice!

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Go give him a bath

This response submitted by superpig on 5/21/02. ( )

Spray him down with a hose and wash him with shampoo (but only if it wasn't an iffy hide to begin with). Then take an airhose and blow him out real good. This should get rid of all the salt that was left in his mane and most likely underlying hide. Plus it will clean your hide and make it perty and shiny. Most likely with the dragging you also scooped up dirt with it. Roger Martin just wrote an article on that in either Breakthrough or Taxidermy Today. Can't remember which one. I just mounted a lifesize grey wolf and gave him a bath this way. Sure looked like a different animal afterwards.What a difference a bath can make. That goes for some people as well. LOL.

Thanks, I'll give it a try!

This response submitted by Damon on 5/22/02. ( )

Thanks, I think I'll let the mount completely dry first, then give him a quick shampoo. I appreciate the advice!
also, unless I missed it, the article you are referring to must be in Taxidermy Today, since I get Breakthrough.
Once again, thanks!

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