hiding stitches on a short haired whitetail

Submitted by joe decker on 5/21/02. ( gkoski@new.rr.com )

I have a very short haired whitetail to make matters worse its mounted in a full sneak pose I sewed it up andthe seam stands out like a sore thumb all the way down the back any help would be appreciated

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Dp or taned

This response submitted by Robin on 5/21/02. ( flatwoodsman11@aol.com )

Need to know if it is tanned or DP tanned you can rehydrate it and fix it this subject is in the archives on hiding seams also it is in todays begginers section if it is dp not probly nothing youcan do anything else let me know Robin


This response submitted by shane on 5/22/02. ( htaxidermy@mcn.net )

its sound like when you stitch the deer up you must of took to big of stitch, this will cause your seem to pucker up and not to lay flat what kind of thread are you useing this will cause the puckering to ,i use a smaller but tough nylon thread, and take small stitches no biger than 1-4 and no smaller then 1-8 inch, this should take care of the problem it works for me on my africain work and short hair white tails. and you may try just before you tie your last stitch pull you cape staight back this will some times strech your seem flat. make sure that you dont pull you stitches to tight as well , ihope this works for you , ht...

Dremel a channel and fill with Critter Clay

This response submitted by Mike on 5/22/02. ( )

In the form where the seam is, dremel a channel and fill it with critter clay, press the seam in the clay after it is sewed up. You can also lay some mesh screen over the hair and T pin in down to dry to help the hair lay flat.

Beat it

This response submitted by Elmer on 5/22/02. ( Topstaxidermy@aol.com )

No matter what stitch I use. I still take a hammer and beat the sew line down then card as mentioned above.

beat it with a rubber mallet

This response submitted by Rob C. on 5/23/02. ( )

Above post cover this well, dremmel then fill with clay. I also put hide paste under the seam when sewing . If need be before clay drie, I'll beat it with a rubber mallet, tried a claw hammer but it seamed to break the hairs sometimes, depending on how many whacks it takes. I used a rubber mallet now, it's more forgiveing on the hairs.


This response submitted by larry on 5/23/02. ( )

The shorter ther hair, the less of a bite I take


This response submitted by Tim McLagan on 5/25/02. ( tim@mclaganstaxidermy.com )

Just take some potters clay and smash a bead of clay over the sewn area , then let your mount dry as usual. Then use wire brush , and brush the clay away.Works every time, Tim

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