Eyes for exotic sheep

Submitted by Heidi Eddy on 5/4/02. ( )

I was just brought two Texas Dall Cross sheep. They are golden color that darkens to a dark gold/brown on their shoulders. The eyes are ruined so I cant tell what color they were and the customer has no photos. What color eyes should I use.

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Rule of thumb

This response submitted by superpig on 5/4/02. ( )

I just mounted a Dall sheep that was white/sandy beige and it had dark eyes, although most Dall sheep have light eyes. Usually light color sheep have ligth eyes and dark colored sheep have dark eyes. But of course that can vary whith each sheep. I guess this one is up to individual taste. If it were me I'd put the darker eyes in. Your choice. Both colors would be correct.

I agree with (Evelyn, you gotta change that name)

This response submitted by George on 5/4/02. ( georoof@aol.com )

Most exotics have the darker eyes. Tohickon lists them as "light mountain sheep" or "bighorn" while some suppliers simple go with light and dark eyes. I opt for the darker eyes in all the exotics when I have the extreme misfortune to have to do those stinking, greasy, nasty, filthy, did I mention I hate exotics, sheep.


This response submitted by HeadHanger on 5/6/02. ( gsc@crcom.net )


If the customer couldn't tell you what color they were and has no photos, what difference does it make? Not trying to be rash, just a thought.



This response submitted by Bob Mead on 5/8/02. ( meadtaxidermy@yahoo.com )

It it highly likely that Ms. Eddy wants to represent the sheep correctly and accurately, whether her client is aware of the correct color or not. Somebody will eventually look at this mount and know what they're looking at, and it's HER reputation that's at stake. As taxidermists we should try to do justice to the critters we have the privilege of working on, and Heidi was right in researching the answer.

Bob Mead


This response submitted by Heidi Eddy on 5/9/02. ( )

Thanks all of you for your help! Its greatly apreciated! I do believe in representing the animals as accurately as I can, but do understand the frustration of clients that dont know what they are looking at. I will take all the advice into account when I order the eyes.


This response submitted by Jeffrey Hulet on 02/03/2003. ( )

Dear Heidi,
Last spring I was fortunate enough to harvest a "SILVER MEDAL" TEXAS DALL sheep. I had a very good taxidermist mount it for me. She put eyes in it that were bluish-grey. I hope this helps your situation. JEFFREY L. HULET

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