caribou in velvet smell

Submitted by rick on 08/11/2002. ( )

I'm mounting some caribou from last year that were in velvet . The antlers were injected with a preservative . They have a rotten meat smell but not that bad to me at least and some of the velvet is pelling off . I glued the velvet back on but how do I get rid of the smell.

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This response submitted by George on 08/11/2002. ( )

But that's likely to bleach out your velvet. Take a spray bottle of either Touchstone's 4in1 or Rittel's Preservz It and mist the antler thoroughly. Repeat this treatment every few days for a couple of weeks and hopefully the scent will go away. I hope I don't have to tell you, the cause of the smell is improper or poor preparation in the first place.

George is right about the cause, but

This response submitted by Perry on 08/11/2002. ( pgk )

But spraying them alone may not help. The smell is coming from areas that haven't been treated and/or still have blood trapped. along with spraying, you will need to locate the problem areas and
inject them with preserves-it.

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