Pig Head (whoops)

Submitted by Austin on 08/06/2002. ( keltic18@hotmail.com )

Hey! I've been collecting skulls and whatever bones and claws I could find for a while, and I have a pig head from a pig roast. The thing's been in my freezer for a while and I had heard that beetle cleaning is the best way to get all the skin and muscle and whatnot. What should I do? need it out of my freezer. Thanks.

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Different methods

This response submitted by Superpig on 08/07/2002. ( )

I would either soak the thing in a tub of water and let the bacteria eat up all the meat and tissue ( it's a very stinky process) or put it in a plastic bag , tie it and leave it sitting out for a couple of weeks. Make sure there are a couple of small holes in it for the flies to get in it. Their maggots will clean your skull perfectly.


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This response submitted by tim j on 08/12/2002. ( saxman101@webtv.net )

i have a huge ant pile near my home, and if i need a skull cleaned, i let them do it, it free, and keeps them on there hole for a while , this way you get a clean skull, and the ants wont roam looking for food. but i am only 14, and i have only did it with small birds, and a few squerrals.

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