Caribou Hunt ?

Submitted by Jim on 08/14/2002. ( )

Can anyone put me in touch with a reputable place that I could send some of my better customers on a caribou hunt. They want to shoot two caribou. They are looking for a reasonable hunt and I may go along to handle all of the caping chores. This would be a drop camp or camp site hunt for 4-6 hunters. Any references would be appreciated. Thanks

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Club Chambeau? or something like that

This response submitted by George on 08/14/2002. ( )

It's in most of the outdoor magazines and they have a 95% success rate of 2 bulls per hunter. The reason I say this is that some years ago they sent me a flier that if I would send the "X" amount of hunters, they would let me hunt free. It was their payback for a practicing taxidermist being in camp. Look em up and call and all you have to lose is the price of the call.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 08/14/2002. ( )

Mark: AKA thumper, has some pretty cheap boo hunts. $695 last year I think it was. Now understand these are not monster trophy boo at this price, but affordable.

Response to Caribou Hunt

This response submitted by Sarah on 08/15/2002. ( )

My husband and I got a group of 13 hunters and got the free hunt.The 1st year our group got 1 caribou and 1 black bear. We gave them another try and got 11 caribou (cows & small bulls) for 13 hunters. We had traveled in 2 motor homes. When we got back to the Holiday Inn one motor home had been stolen. It was supposely under secured parking. Club Chambeau said it was not there problem,and would not do anything for the owner. Since then we have heard other horror stories about their so called 24 hours secured parking. We talked to several unsuccessful hunters in the same year and the next year they still advertised a high % success rate.

You could try my dad.

This response submitted by Grouseman on 08/16/2002. ( )

He lives in Coldfoot AK. I am not sure but he may be interested. He knows his critters! He is usually preaty reasonable also. His # is (907)678-2014. Ask for Andy. If not I am sure he could point you in the right direction. FYI He lives pretty close to a major travel rout for boo.
PS. He is 3 hrs behind the central time zone.


This response submitted by cur on 08/16/2002. ( )

Bill wooden at 4WAir in Kenai, AK. The hunt is a drop package in the upper Mulchatna River Valley above Lake Clark. The flight up the Lake Clark Pass to the hunting grounds is a ten ticket ride. You will fly over the National Refuge lands and see moose, bear and dall sheep that die of old age. There are so many B&C heads in that country it reminds me of what things must have looked like there when Roosevelt hunted.

If you want to hunt the Ungavik, email me.

Depends on what time of year you go!

This response submitted by Alan on 08/20/2002. ( )

I hunted with Ungavea bay (Not sure thats how you spell it) In 2000 and 2001 I was in the bush on Sept 11th 2001 sqeduled to return to the states on the 13th of course we had problems getting into the states but the acomidations kept our meat and everything from spoiling. But the year before we didn't even see a Caribou. so it depends on if the outfitter hasn't overbooked and can move you to another camp if the animals are not in your area.Weather makes a big difference also. Seems we had better luck first part of Sept rather than later part of August. Club Chambeau pulled some really nice bulls out as well as me and my partner. But the year before everybody did poorly it costs around 3,600.00 but was well worth it the second year. There is probably horror stories about every outfitter in that area you are definately treated like cattle until you get to camp but it is well worth the experience.
Hope this helped and have a great time

Sandy Lake Lodge

This response submitted by Mike on 08/22/2002. ( )

I am heading to Sandy Lake Lodge in 3 weeks. Jim Matchum has been very helpful so far and have heard nothing but good things about them. These are Woodland Caribou so you don't have to worry about migratory patterns. Got a really good deal on a 2 Caribou and 1 bear combo hunt. email me after the first week in Oct. Will let you know how it went.

Jack Hume Adventures

This response submitted by Dan Peterson on 09/05/2002. ( )

Just got back form a caribou hunt and killed 12 animals with six hunters. Jack Hume has 24 camps to make sure you are in the caribou. Only 6 groups out at a time. Excellent accomodations and food. We drove to Montreal and heard about one truck being stolen, but they didn't stay in the secured area, so their own fault! Just go to to view their website. Very, very good people to work with. My dad and uncles have gone on several hunts for the past 15 years and were always very satisfied.

looking for caribou hunt

This response submitted by Tony Ashmore on 01/04/2003. ( ashmores_taxidermy@hotmail )

I'm looking for a cheap caribou hunt for two people. Would like too be able too kill (2) caribou. Any information that anyone could send me would be very helpful thank you.

Caribou hunt

This response submitted by L.Griffith on 02/10/2003. ( )

I am looking for A small outfitter that can provide rough accomidations and put us onto caribou.
We will cape skin and cut and pack our own animals,we will do our own cooking and chores. We like to rough it!
We would like to drive from West Virginia to as near as possible to hunting area.
Also some trout fishing.
Would like to take at least 1 large animal each.
4 to 6 day hunt.
party of 3 very experienced hunters and woodsmen ages
early 40s to mid 50s.
(note we spent 16 days on monumental buttes Idaho elk hunting above snow line,cooked over wood fire and stayed in army tent and loved it,so when I say willing to rough it I mean it!
If you can provide what I am looking for,at low budget cost and put us on animals, let me know by e mail. P.S yes we all took nice elk on public land!

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