Kevin Tangen

Submitted by TRACY SCOTT on 08/12/2002. ( )

Hi,iam looking for an old army buddy i served on the DMZ with in Korea
we were in 2nd and the 17th FA ,Camp pelam .1985 he told me he was going to be a taxidermist in North Dakota, thanx,Tracy.

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This response submitted by Ken on 08/12/2002. ( )

I dont know your buddy, but I was there with the 1/38 Inf at Camp Hovey. We did the 'Z mission twice that year...Hope you find who your looking for...

im in nd

This response submitted by redneck on 08/13/2002. ( )

im in nd man i can help you find him i havent heard of him thew

thank you

This response submitted by Tracy on 08/13/2002. ( )

Well it has been almost 17 years he could be anywhere,this is a cool site,some of it is almost like reading a Jerry Springer script..well thanks again...Tracy

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