Need to whiten an older mountain goat cape

Submitted by GH on 08/17/2002. ( )

I would like to clean an older mountain goat shoulder mount. It is slightly yellow from age what could be used and not destroy it?

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This response submitted by dwl on 08/19/2002. ( )

acetone on a towel. caution do not get around any painted areas as this will remove the paint! but it will clean it up very good.

I like to vacuum

This response submitted by buzzi cook on 08/19/2002. ( )

them out first, then blow completely out with air pressure then I bleach white with Wellite Cream Bleach system. Use as the box directs. But then I don't know how old it is, or what shape it is in, this would determine whether or not this technique could be used or not. But it does get them white.

clariol knows best

This response submitted by peggy on 08/26/2002. ( )

use hair peroxide but get advice from experts because you can very well dystroy your mount if you do not follow dirctions

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