question 2- What is phenol and where do u get it?

Submitted by JJ on 08/23/2002. ( )

I am a bird guy that does some gamehead work. What is phenol, as it is used in rehydration of capes? Is there a local place to get it in most areas or do I need to order it from Tim-buk-too? Never heard of it......

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This response submitted by Jim on 08/23/2002. ( )

Its bad stuff, you dont need it. Thats why you can only buy it from a pharmacy , if then. forget it.


This response submitted by Bill Haynes on 08/23/2002. ( )

Phenol is simply Carbolic Acid. It is probably one of the best bactericides around. At one time it could be bought from Chemical supply houses or as lab supplies. VA Lab Supply in Ashland .VA
was the last place I bought it.At That time,When the NTA convention was in Richmond, I drove up to Ashland and bought 4 gallons.
I still have at least 2 gallons left.I use it ,with borax, as a fish
tan. It is the best method I have ever used. This stuff is DANGEROUS!
It can be absorbed through the skin.It is used in medicines,disinfectants,etc. The smell that was in the old Lysol was phenol,but in minute quantities.
I am not sure if it is available anywhere now.At any rate, if you don't know how to use or handle it,it is best left alone.

Thanks- nuff said!

This response submitted by jj on 08/24/2002. ( )

Stuff sounds worse than my ex-wife

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