Question 1 Rehyrdration ofCapes back from the tannery

Submitted by JJ on 08/23/2002. ( )

I usually tan with a cream tan or my whitetail tannery uses a liqui-tan method. I just got back my 1st elk cape from Yost- a traditional tan. It is beautiful(though I am NOT happy with the sewing I will need to do on the face). Here goes.

How long can that hide sit, as is, w/o refridge or rehydration? How do most of U then rehydrate- Yost sent along several options. It would seem that this hide could sit out, as is, for months until I get to it. Then I imagine once I rehydrate, mend and measure, then I just freeze until my manikin arrives. Do I have this all down pat?

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You Got It

This response submitted by Old Fart on 08/23/2002. ( )

If you are not sure how soon you will get to it, maybe store the dry tanned cape in the freezer. Otherwise you have the program well in hand.

Storage of dry tanned capes

This response submitted by Superpig on 08/24/2002. ( )

if you are going to mount the elk up within six month you can store the cape in your shop. If you think it will take longer than that I would rehydrate it, following your tanneries instructions, and then freeze it. It will stay good in the freezer for a long long time. Had a tanned deercape in the freezer for 5 years one time and it mounted up perfectly.

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