whats to do after boar is fleshed?

Submitted by jamie on 08/24/2002. ( griffeyjr78@aol.com )

after hog is fleashed,what is next what do I wash the cape in
would like to here diferent methods?
also whats best tanning method?
please help jamie

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Tanning your boar

This response submitted by Terry Wiesel on 08/24/2002. ( wiesel@echoes.net )

Jamie generally washing isn't recommended but right now your boar is probably a greasy mess.So wash it in Dawn and a bactericide and rinse it well.Then get the hair side as dry as you can and then salt the flesh side,laying the hide on an open mesh,like milk crates or commercial bread trays will help allow air to circulate and continue to dry the hair side.After 24hrs.shake off old salt,resalt until the hide is rock hard.Then rehydrate is clean water and bactericide.Then pickle for three days,remove from pickle drain,shave hide thin,wash again,return to pickle for 24hrs..Then neutralize in one ounce of baking soda per gallon for thirty minutes.Then drain and tan in EZ-100 according to Bruce's instructions.Should turn out soft and white on the flesh side.Need more help e-mail me.

Commercial Tannery

This response submitted by Jeff Z. on 08/24/2002. ( jeffstax@rionet.cc )

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