Answers to CUR and Maxwell's?'s about old mount

Submitted by Don Sherpy on 08/26/2002. ( )

Maxwell, the ear liners are (were) paper. The bases are about 3/16 thick! Dont know what kind of glue, but its black, and it stuck real good!LOL
CUR, you maybe correct. The form may not be paper mache, but resin paper with glue. Its dark orange/red in color. It looks to be 3/16 to 1/4 thick and quite rigid. The skull cap had 2 1/2 inch wide strips layed from the form over the cap and back over the form on the other side.
The "big" nails I mentioned look to be galvanized, 1 1/2 inches long, 1/16 dia with a head 3/16 dia. Dont know how the guy, or gal, kept the hair from sticking up around all of the heads.
To bad we dont have away to post pictures on this forum? OR do we?

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This response submitted by Grouseman on 08/27/2002. ( )

You can post pics on Kiwis chat.
If you are not a member e-mail kiwi and he will let you in. I for in am interested in seeing this thing myself.


This response submitted by cur on 08/27/2002. ( wildart )

The taxi probably made his own form. That was common practice back when. Many taxidermists built an armature of wood and wire, employing a typical skull of a given species for the head foundation. They then sculpted the muscles and fascia in with either water-based or oil based clay or paper mache and a finishing app and then molded the sculpture design in plaster or fiberglass and laid up the paper and glue forms. Most put a block of plywood or 1" pine stock in the plate area for attachment of the antlers and a support board that was sometimes run from a contour-cut base plug to the skull plate insert.

The use of strips over the plate is unique and is probably an innovation by that particular taxidermist - the "signature" I refered to in the inquiry.

Thanks again for responding.

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