Interseting taking apart this old mount

Submitted by Don Sherpy on 08/25/2002. ( )

This is a first for me. A good friend of mine gave me a mule deer mount that his father had shot in the 50's, to remount. It was in pretty bad shape, with bleached out, dryed out horns with a little nicotine stains thrown in, and a few cracks around the nose and so on.....
I have procured a nice Montana cape and will ordering the form, eyes and earlinners in the morning.
Today I started taking the cape off the old form. Its a paper mache type with lots of plaster to fill in around the nose, eyes and on the back of the neck. The cape had several rather large nails holding it to the form and a large portion of the skull was used with paper mache layed on top. It had the old "bug" eyes also.
The horns are really nice! He is a non typical with lots of kickers. I plan on scoring it but would guess he will go in the high 180's. I washed the horns and have restained them with potassium permanganate (I really love that stuff!). I then took sand paper to highlite the tips, ridges and all, then rubbed linseed oil, mixed 50/50 with turpintine into them. Two coats so far, but it looks like one or two more will be required.
I will be mounting the monster this next weekend and cant wait to "honor" this great buck.
Sorry for rattling.....just thought I would share it.

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ear liners

This response submitted by maxwell on 08/25/2002. ( )

what kind of ear liners did it have? sheet lead?

Paper Mache or Resin paper?

This response submitted by cur on 08/26/2002. ( wildart )

Was the form paper mache or red resin paper and dextrine glue? What color was it? Just curious. I did work during the 1950's but never used large nails....LOL. The plaster around the eye orbits is a new one on me too........The practice you outlined was not standard at the time. Must have been a local guys answer to his personal taxi problems......we didn't have videos, forums or all the new gizmos back then and most taxidermists developed technique that was there very own. Their "signatures" exist in each work they produced.....must have been done P.D.....(Pre-Bondo)


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