wholesale boars

Submitted by Rob Coates on 08/31/2002. ( rcoates5766@gisco.net )

If fleshing and mounting boars gives you fits, try Hog Heaven's wholesale boar service.Completed mounts from your raw or tanned capes.Fast turn around,reasonable price,and we arent afraid to answer the phone either.For more info contact Bill at 315-493-1405 or e-mail above address

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I am interested

This response submitted by Tim on 09/01/2002. ( timjackson@erath.net )

Send me an e-mail yours dont work! Thanks Jackson Taxidermy

You wont be disappointed.

This response submitted by Ken on 09/01/2002. ( darville@sowega.net )

I love these guys...they have cornered the market with this type of service. Skin rep or customer ready...you'll get a quality product.By the way, Bill and Rob...hogs are on the way. I'll call Tuesday...

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