Deer heads [original skull]

Submitted by las on 09/03/2002. ( )

I think deer heads could be mounted very easily with the original skull pulled over a sharpened stump or suitable base

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People just love stirring up trouble

This response submitted by Dan S. on 09/03/2002. ( )


Oh yea....well...

This response submitted by Gordon on 09/03/2002. ( )

try sharpening that stump...and boiling that skull and give us feed back...when you do. You are right what you say is very possible...and has been done....way back before the gasoline engine...and since.

Here's a hint...try stock wood and plaster of paris to get that stump to size...good luck...

Deer Head [original skull ]

This response submitted by Tweedy on 09/04/2002. ( )

A person might get by with a odd one like that to save some money the size of a deer or bear?

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