Submitted by T.Baker on 09/03/2002. ( tbaker@porterville.k12.ca.us )

I need a suggestion for what form to use for a buff from Argentina with the curly type horns. Will Asian Water buffalo or Cape buffalo forms work? Does any supplier make these for such beasts?

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Water buffalo

This response submitted by Bob C on 09/03/2002. ( bobswildlife@webtv.net )

Hi Tom, The buffalo they have in South America are one of the 2 species of water buffalo. Some people refer to them as the swamp buffalo, with long sweeping horns and the river buffalo, with more back swept curled horns. The river buffalo is the main species in Argentina. An Asiatic buffalo form will work fine for them. You may want to check some reference, because I believe the river buffalo has a dewlap and the swamp buffalo doesn't. Bob C

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