Caribou Antlers-velvet at 50% stage

Submitted by Steve on 09/03/2002. ( )

Got some Caribou in this week. One has most of velvet in tact. Tips
are still real soft. Should I have freeze dried or just strip it?
Customer wants options. Thanks!

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This response submitted by jim marsico on 09/03/2002. ( )

Strip it, then dont forget to charge to repair and paint and stain the rack, its more work to get it right than the mount. If that velvet is already started off its to late to save. Wash the antlers after stripping.

Do this too

This response submitted by Elmer on 09/03/2002. ( Topstaxidermy )

Bleach the antlers to get a uniform color as close as you can for staining. They arew probably lost to save as mentioned above.

artificial fuzz

This response submitted by Ed on 09/03/2002. ( )

strip-em and send to research for the artifical velvet. great stuff. dont forget to charge for this option

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