Submitted by T.Baker on 09/04/2002. ( )

Is the lacrimal gland on the Sambar buck very similar in shape to the axis buck?

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This response submitted by Craig on 09/04/2002. ( )

Hi.Im not sure what a lacrimal gland is but im sure we call it the pre orb gland.the tear duct gland beneath the eye.anyway if it is yes basically it is like a axis but on a larger is very deep and open and protrudes out with a tuff of hair like the axis.most species have a closed up gland but the sambar will flare it.hope i have helped.

I need a Sambar deer mannikin

This response submitted by Jody on 12/03/2002. ( )

I have not had any luck at all with taxidermy suppliers on the Internet finding a mannikin (shoulder mount) for a Sambar deer. Ears and eyes are also needed. Does anyone know of a U.S. company that supplies this in various sizes? We found one company, but they only supply one size (which of course was not the size we needed). I'm hoping that there are companies (without an online catalog that I have already searched) that we could order from. Please help!

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