removable anlters

Submitted by Dan on 09/04/2002. ( )

just wondering if anyone had advice on doing them?what I need? and what kind of time it takes so I know what to charge. It's an elk if that matters.
Thanks Dan

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removable antlers

This response submitted by dwl on 09/05/2002. ( )

you need a couple big drill bits. on the detach kit you get there will be instructions. get measurements on antler before you cut the side off your going to have detachable. I use a sawsall for this. Then use a small bit to start a hole for bigger bits don't follow directions on drilling you will have problems trust me I know. Rough up the female end of detach with grinder so bondo will stick to it. The male end goes into the antler and threaded end is screwed in and the female end will go into the pedicle skull plate. first bondo the male end into the antler leaving enough room for the female end to go into the antler approx. 1 1/2" to 2" the male end should stick out of antler about 2". after bondo is cured good then put female end over male end then put tape over end of female end to keep bondo from getting into end. Then test fit check measurements make sure they match up. get some one to help you now, mix bondo up 50/50 put in horn pedicle hole fill about half way up, then put antler and detach back on check measurements once you get this set while somebody else is holding antlers be kind of fast about it. then hold untill bondo is cured and cooled back down. then take detach antler back off note if voids around detach you can fill in with fiberglass resin. thats about it, I would charge a $100.00 to do this, first time takes about 1 to 1 1/2 hours, detach. kit costs approx. $15.00 good luck with your elk. DWL.

I think

This response submitted by BD on 09/05/2002. ( )

For $15 you can get the square steel stock to do 20 elk heads.

easier way

This response submitted by Dan on 09/17/2002. ( )

unless you have a GOOD friend that will stand there and hold the antlers to the correct size ........ when cutting the antler off, cut only half way thru, from the inside(center of the skullplate)then offset your cut from the outside. I usually offset about 3/8" this way when you reattach you can't put them on any other way. the weight of the antler holds them tight. hope this helps, and good luck. I charge $75.00 per antler. Dan

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