Caribou Antlers

Submitted by David Erickson on 09/02/2002. ( )

I have a set of Caribou antlers that had the velvet stripped off because is had started to slip and needed to be removed for shipping. What is the best method to clean these antlers up - they have a great deal of dried blood on them and give off a great deal of odor? Also is there an artificial velvet that can be reapplied and how realistic does it look?

thank you

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hose em off

This response submitted by steve in geneva on 09/02/2002. ( )

blood is water soluable. set the base or bases in a tub of bacteriocide and water (the bases and skull usually emminate most of the odor). hose the "horns" off and let them sit wet for a half hour, rehose and you will see alot of the blood just wash off. you may now scrub with soap and water and a stiff brush. rehose, rescrub rehose. tomorrow, the offensive meat/tissue causing the stink will be softened and can be removed with a paring knife. you may want to use some hydrogen peroxide to "work" on the odor, but dont get it on the bases (may bleach them).

flock it!

This response submitted by stevein geneva on 09/02/2002. ( )

yes, you can use flocking and glue it on. the color variations are limited . the are professional services available that apply artificial velvet. the ones that i have seen do not come across as that natural looking.

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