Caribou Antlers

Submitted by Dan Peterson on 09/05/2002. ( )

I just got back from a caribou trip and have several mounts to do. The Caribou were still in velvet and we peeled the velvet off the first ones and left it on the last ones we shot. First question: 1) On the ones we peeled off, how is the best way to remove the remaining blood and polish the horns to a nice golden brown? Second question: 2)On the ones we left the velvet on, do they need to be preserved to keep the velvet or will the velvet simply dry out and stay OK? Any help will be appreciated!

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Real Simple

This response submitted by John on 09/05/2002. ( )

On the one that will be mounted hard horned what I do is paint then with a off white base coat then get an oil based burndt umber paint and thin it with laqure thiner then apply with a rag until you achieve the desired color.Works for me.On the velvet ones will need get those freeze dried this is the only way I know how to do them.If you have any questions e mail me.

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