How to preserve velvet strips left hanging off antlers?

Submitted by Denise on 09/11/2002. ( )

Hi there. We had a moose come in last night that still has some strips of velvet hanging off the antlers. The hunter would like it mounted with the strips left attached. Any suggestions on preserving it so it doesn't just shrivel up and look gross. Or any suggestions on what to search under, I didn't have any luck with the archives.


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I've never done it but...

This response submitted by PA on 09/11/2002. ( )

My suggestion would be to paint the strips with formalin and cover with damp cheesecloth and store outside to allow vapors to evaporate. It will leave an impregnated white powder composed of perhaps buffer and paraformaldehyde. After the cheescloth dries, you will could paint the velvet with a material like white glue to hold it together. You will also need to paint the reddish color back into the bone material as it will more than likely fade badly.

Good luck

Saw in the

This response submitted by gotum on 09/11/2002. ( )

forum latley,I think, a new suede like paint that's soft and fuzzy, but I wouldn't do it on a customers mount unless you know it works .

the post said that he was having problems staining the horns and that the bases still had velvet and he was pleased witht the results,..but what about the next years or so. I'll see if I can find it .

What would keep the strips pliable?

This response submitted by Denise on 09/11/2002. ( )

Maybe I wasn't clear in my description. The velvet is just hanging there in strips. I was thinking maybe if I used a tanning solution like lutan F the strips would stay pliable? I know I've seen mounts in magazines with the velvet half off and hanging down, and looking natural.

Twinkle organza

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try recreating the look with something other than the real velvet. Sewing centers have twinkle organza a fine veil. I've never done velvet sheds, I am into fish ,but velvet's a membrain which is blood rich and supplies the blood to the growing horns. one would think you'd have to preserve it shortly after death before the blood dries.

the veil is delicate and easily torn rip some and play with it. it's very cheap.

dont use formalin

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 09/14/2002. ( )

There are safer alternatives out there that arent carcinogenics. Rittel's offers Preserv It, its an aldehide, but not cancer causing. I use it with good luck, but I havent needed to make velvet soft and pliable. For that I would suggest tanning it like any other skin, which velvet is. Salt, pickle, neutralize, tan and oil. Youll have to break it somehow as well...

This was in the archives

This response submitted by gotum on 09/15/2002. ( )

Mix formaldehyde and water 50/50 and either spray it on from a spray bottle or brush it on,do this outside in fresh air and wear safety glasses and gloves.Hang up and let dry they will now be preserved.Hope this helps,if there are any soft spots left inject them with the same solution.


This response submitted by eRNIE on 09/17/2002. ( mEMTAXIDERMY@AOL.COM )

`i HAVE USED Rittels pRESERVE-IT ON THESE PARTIALLY COVERED ANTLERS AND IT WORKS GREAT, I have submerged the whole rack in a tub or have just painted the little strips of velvet and it works fine.Bruce gives compleete directions with this product and can be used on many other things . Hope this helps

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