nictitating membrane question

Submitted by Mike on 09/11/2002. ( )

i was wanting to know how you could get the pink color of a coyote eye blended in to nictitating membranes for competition mount i want to make him look sleepy can any one help Mike

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Look at your dog.

This response submitted by John C on 09/11/2002. ( )

Make it look like your dog and it will be fine.

nictating membrane

This response submitted by cur on 09/12/2002. ( wildartq )

Make it from Epo-Grip Industrial Adhesive. Use dry pigment or powdered pastel chalk to pigment the epoxy to the desired hue and degree of transparancy. Spray the eye with Mann's 2251 release in order that the epoxy will "slide" over the surface and then manipulate the epoxy with a sculpting tool that is dipped in olive oil to prohibit adhesion. The membrane may be formed and will look exactly like nature with combined with additional applications of resin pigmented to match the transitions.

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