KUDU shoulder mount

Submitted by John on 09/13/2002. ( jmd4419@aol.com )

I mounted my first Kudu head and it is dry and started to prepare it for finishing. However, I noticed that the brads I used to secure the skin to show the muscle detail were showing due to the drying process and. So, i removed them but now the holes are quite noticable due to the short hair. Any suggestions? Should I wet the skin on the areas where the holes are? Help! Other than that, the mount is superb!

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USe Epo-Grip HIDE ADHESIVE next time.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 09/13/2002. ( )

Now fill all those little holes and paint the best you can. Or use chalk to color some epoxy that perfect color.

No joke, try E-G-H-A and you will not have this problem as a mater of fact, you can put those wrinkles in and never pin one again!.

Try This

This response submitted by Old Fart on 09/13/2002. ( )

Before you try filler go over the area with a small fine wire brush, the size of a tooth brush(brass rather than steel). Brush the skin, sometimes you can rough it up just enough to make the holes disappear. Don't overdo it! Next time use the Epo-Grip like John said it will save you a lot of extra work.

Not Good

This response submitted by BD on 09/13/2002. ( )

If the holes look as bad as I think that they might. If you have holes with dimples around them, no amount of filling and painting will help. I would rehydrate the problem areas get some Epo-Grip put it in a syringe and inject in many of the holes, work it around under the skin. let it dry and fill the holes with apoxie clay. Wet the spots of Apoxie clay with water put a dab of cement, yep cement on those spots let it dry. Gently brush the excess off and paint as usual. You might not make much on this mount but you will remember for future mounts. Good Luck!

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