Skinning 1st Moose ?

Submitted by jb on 09/13/2002. ( )

I have my first moose to skin today. My question is how you handle the long beard. I assume this needs to open in order to get salt and tanning into this area. Is this opened from the inside out or from the outside. How then do you handle mounting this area? Thanks

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This response submitted by BD on 09/13/2002. ( )

Split(outside may be easier), tan, fill, sew.

How I handeled the bell.

This response submitted by Gerry on 09/13/2002. ( )

Hi JB,

I did over fifthy moose and I would cut the beard from the inside to seperate the two skins. As for the hanging peace of skin, I would cut it from the outside all the way. A generous quantity of salt rubbed into the exposed hide will cure the skin and keep the haire on.


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