Antelope Horns

Submitted by Jon on 09/13/2002. ( )

I put a set of Pronghorn Antelope horns in the microwave in an attempt to separate the horn from the skull. Instead of them separating, one of the horns swelled up about midway in the horn. It has a large balloon appearance now. I drilled a small hole in the back of the horn, and cooled it down, but neither worked. Any ideas out there to repair or replace the horn? I know how to mold them, but will I have to repair the horn with epoxy to mold it, or just skulpt in the repair to the horn? Any ideas or in put would be most appreciated. Thank you.

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Can you seperate it?

This response submitted by Raven on 09/13/2002. ( )

Can horn be seperated from the skull? Or are you talking about the sheath over the boney core? HORN is part of the skull and remain affixed.. ANTLERS are a seperate structure and are cast off each year. I didnt think horn could be removed? In any event, you can either mold and cast your horns as are, then modify your cast by grinding and re sculpting in the missing area. Or grind out the effected area of the real horn. I suggest you find a place elsewhere on the horn with similar texture and size of detail etc. paint a little RTV sillicone or similar product on the horn and make a small 'texture pad'. Press this into the wet putty of your repair site and it will take on the horn texture and look seemless =) One of many possible techniques for this situation Im sure....


This response submitted by Cart on 09/13/2002. ( )

I have had that problem a couple of times. I just ground the bubble off and filled the cracks and colored them. I think it is caused by some moisture traped in the horn.It then explodes like pop corn

Boil it

This response submitted by George on 09/13/2002. ( )

The hair that makes the horn into it's casing will retain it's memory after you boil it. DON'T COOK IT, just bring water to a boil, put the horn in for 10 minutes or so and remove it. Lay it aside and compress the "bubble" until it cools and hardens.

BTW, that's ANOTHER reason not to microwave horns. Best method is let them rot off.

Next time rot them off..

This response submitted by Paul on 09/16/2002. ( )

Did a bunch of rams and antelope this past year. Easiest way to get horns off cores, bag em and let them rot off like George said. In the warmer months like now there off in three days, no pulling, they fall off. Boil cores after cutting off excess, than let dry, clean off horns, dump borax in them and place back on cores to dry together. Later epoxy them on when your ready to mount.

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