wild boar

Submitted by deadcritters on 09/16/2002. ( goldleaf@goldleaftaxidemy.com )

on a wild boar i have a cut in the hide about 3" behind the ear and i was wondering what would be the best way to patch it. sew or epoxy
thank you

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cut hog

This response submitted by Frog on 09/16/2002. ( )

You could brad or sew with hidepaste underneath. Wait until its completly dry & use apoxie sculpt to blend the area to match the surrounding area, as there aint much hair in this area.Before the A S gets hard use a terry cloth to texture the repair then paint.

But WHY?

This response submitted by George on 09/16/2002. ( georoof@aol.com )

Why would anyone cut a hog's hide to mount it? That's got to be the simplest of animals to mount as it's pointed head and muzzle make it so easy to invert the hide and slip it right over. Remember, you never have to repair anything you don't cut.

George...Context, context, context

This response submitted by MattC on 09/16/2002. ( mbchoate@twlakes.net )

he said he had a 3'cut..he never said he cut it himself...I would say this is a fleshing or skinning cut.

If it were a commercial mount I would sew the cape and dremel out a groove on the form about where the sewn cut is and fill it with a little clay or better yet, Apoxie sculpt. then press the sewn area down unti it is set in the AS and flat.

wild boar

This response submitted by deadcritters on 09/17/2002. ( goldleaf@goldleaftaxidemy.com )

thank you for the help by the way it is a cut from fleshing
thanks again,

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