55 yr Old Mountain Goat Mount

Submitted by jeff on 09/13/2002. ( )

I have a customer that wants to bring me in a 55 yr old Mountain Goat mount to be cleaned. I'm scared because I don't even know what they used for a form back then. Would it be safe to clean and what would be the most gentle to use? Also what would be the best to polish up the horns with? Thanks as Usual.

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Form may be excelsior or paper glued with dextrine.

This response submitted by John C on 09/14/2002. ( )

First dont wet the skin down, 2nd dont over bleach it to whiten. Use air to blow the dust out.

I have a picture of a MTN Goat form from several years back, about as old as George Roof, maybe more!

Use as little water as you can get by with, see if the drugstore has waterless shampoo, nursing home use this sometimes.

If all else fails use Spray WOOLlITE in the household chemicals from wallyworld.

Dont try to do major reworking as the hide will be very brittle and may loooooose hair or rip. Rework the nostrils and eyes with epoxy and oil paints as needed.

I would set a whole day aside to do this,maybe more, dont rush it. Good luck John C

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