Microwaving Antelope horns.

Submitted by John C on 09/14/2002. ( )

Every year we see this same thing pop up. OVER COOKING THEM.

Heres how to nuke them. 30 second settings, then twist the horn in one hand and skull plate in the other, if it dont move, nuke for 30 seconds more, twist. repeat as needed.

TWIST BOTH HORNS EACH TIME! One may pop loose before the other. Also twist them counter clockwise and clock wise each time.

The horn is a keretin and hair base, the lamini between the horn and skull spike is very tender when heated just right, it has a lot of water and will boil between the skull spike and horn, when nuked to long, Lamini are little attachment structure in the horns and in the feet. It also acts like a cushion in the feet. In the feet, it is between the hoof and the coffin bone and is subject to rotting.

Yes the microwave does work well, you just did not know how to use it. Good luck John C

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P.S. Don't Nuke em in the kitchen!

This response submitted by Dave in S.D. on 09/16/2002. ( )

They may get ya kicked out of the house, they stink a little. I nuke em in the garage. Doesn't hurt to wear gloves either...... sometimes they get a little warm. Nice post John!

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