Who freeze dries Caribou antlers in velvet

Submitted by Steve on 09/18/2002. ( )

Who do you suggest to freeze dry Caribou antlers? Anthony Eddy
no longer does it. Thanks

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We can help

This response submitted by Joe on 09/19/2002. ( jkulis@kastaway.com )

We can handle them for you. We have been freeze drying since 1969, and have quite a few very large machines to be able to handle large caribou racks. 440 232 8352

We are taking caribou horns this fall

This response submitted by Anthony Eddy on 09/19/2002. ( aewsfrzdry@yahoo.com )

Sorry for the misunderstanding but we will be taking on caribou horns this fall for freeze drying. Please give us a call for shipping instructions at 1-800-529-3470. Remember contact us for all your freeze drying needs from turkey heads to domestic pets. We operate 9 northstar 36x66 units. Anthony Eddy

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