Deer head hats?

Submitted by Scott on 09/20/2002. ( )

I have a customer that wants me to make hats from deer faces for him and his wife one being a buck and the other a doe, he said he has seen them before and they are really cool looking, but I've been donig taxidermy for 12 years now and have never seen one before. So my question is does anybody have a picture of one or could someone tell me how to do them?


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Deer head hats?

This response submitted by cur on 09/21/2002. ( wildart )

That guy ain't kidding me, he is planning to take his wife hiking come November.......Or, was it HER idea?

Thomas Mails book of the American Indian, shows some neat uses of wildlife parts as employed by our native americans.

I would imagine that simply building a resin paper base over a styrofoam wig stand would sufice for the mannequin. You could cut the upper portion from an old paper form to do the same. A shape could also be cast from a waste mold made from a modern mannequin and the hide glued to that. You would have to modify it for proper fit.

Maybe Stetson makes some deer forms.

Kidding aside, I should imagine the project would start with measurements and a cheap baseball cap or a batter's helmet could be modified to support a half-head form to finish out by gluing a tanned hide in place over per-set eyes. The ear liners and skull cap would be mounted conventionally. I would recommend inserts, rather than bondo in this case.

Have him sign a save harmless release to protect you from prosecution when the remains of either partner are found in a local woodslot.....LOL!


This response submitted by BUZZI COOK on 09/24/2002. ( )

DEER HEAD HATS.....there is a religion up here that worships mother hearth and its creatures...hence its church leader is the one who sought me out...several times now..and he works as a jobber for others across the state(s).
I use a BICYCLE HELMET...I cut the head off a foarm deer form. Then hollow it out to fit on top of the helmet and ahere it to the helmet surface. The deer head is mounted on the form (helmet) and the rest of the neck skin and whole bodyskin flow down the back like a superman cape. Kind of neat looking...but wouldn't wear one...especially in the woods...and not during hunting season.

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