antelope 1st one any pointers?

Submitted by mike on 09/18/2002. ( )

just got in my ist antelope ever and im a little nervous ive done deer heads and turkeys for only 2 yrs just would like to know what to expect or what to watch for
how about ear liners?do i need to nail cape around the horns?whats a good method of setting the antlers? any special eyes? can i thin and tan liqui with tan
im sure glad this site is here.
thanks mike

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This response submitted by Bill Yox on 09/19/2002. ( )

You have a lot of things to familiarize yourself with before doing the pronghorn. You have horns to remove from cores, disinfecting, and reattaching. You will need to learn about the scent gland on the sides of his face, and how to shave it off before you tan it. Pronghorns can sure be tender as a cape for tanning. Yes, you can nail the edge of the cape to the horn core, although the better epoxies like Epo-Grip would work better. The dark brown eye of a pronghorn has a unique setting, off the horn base location of the eye orbit, very unlike the deer. Earliners are my choice, and I like the liner made by Brad Eppley best. Research this animal and the procedure first, then go ahead and enjoy yourself while mounting it. They make a very attractive mount.

And lets not forget reference photos

This response submitted by Bill on 09/19/2002. ( )

They have cute little rolls below and behind the eyes and the back of their cheeks, and they can see behind them so watch the eyeset.


This response submitted by Dan S. on 09/19/2002. ( )

Get a video. The best one I've seen for Pronghorn's is Roy Cogburn's video. It's a two tape video, and he takes you all the way from caping it, to the final details on the mount. You can give Roy a call at (505) 296-2871. Good luck!

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