finishing bear mouth

Submitted by tom on 09/22/2002. ( )

i plan on finishing a black bear mouth. iwill be using apoxie scup. is there anything i can add to the apoxie to tins it so i can reduce the amount of painting. also i plan of using polytranspar or life tone paints. i'm using mohr jawsets. what paint should i use. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks, tom

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This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 09/23/2002. ( )

It's easy to add any type of medium to apoxie-sculpt. I use dry tempra, pastel chalk, or even paint to my epoxie to help cut down on painting.
As far as paints go reference helps you out there. Good reference will aid you in the colors needed here. I use flesh,purples, browns, blacks, reds, and white to achive the many different colors they have.

By the way

This response submitted by George on 09/23/2002. ( )

It's not part of your question and Mohr jawsets have been used by thousands of us for years, but when it comes to black BEARS, Buckeye Mannikins markets the greatest invention since the microwave: MOUTH CUPS. They are already painted and take all the guess work and misery out of mouth work. McKenzie is now marketing forms that have lip and mouth SETS that all the interior work is done through snap together parts with special Mohr jawsets. Pretty soon, I hope this miserable job will be eliminated with such innovations.

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